Japanese Prime Ministers became beautiful girl characters in a PC game

Battleships, castles, cars, heavy industrial machines...etc, Japanese games changed every thing into beautiful girl characters. Japanese Prime Ministers of successive cabinets are no exception.

Japanese contents platform DMM released tower defense game SEIKEN MANIFESTIA for PCs. DMM is known as a publisher of popular Sea fight game Kan Colle.

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At first, instructions are displayed when we begin a game. "This game is fiction. This has nothing to do with actual people and groups. It really have nothing to do with them. This is the simple fantasy that beautiful girls fight."

Tower defense game is very serious and proper. Each character have skills, we make full use of them and capture the position of the enemy.

A new character appears at random when we win a battle. Who is she? Her surname is Saitō...

Makoto Saitō, the 30th Prime Minister of Japan! (Wikipedia)

Who is she? Her surname is Saionji...

Kinmochi Saionji! (Wikipedia)

Characters except them are attractive, too.

She is Kosai Uchida (Wikipedia)

She is Masayoshi Matsukata (Wikipedia)

People and cabinets of source are reflected in their setting. This become study of history if we check Wikipedia while play this.

In addition, we can meet characters secretly in ryotei(料亭), the traditional Japanese restaurant, and present various things to them. When we perform them several times, we can gradually make friends with them. It is a really ironical function :)

This is Bishōjo(beautiful girl) game for Experts class. The tower defense game to get close to Japanese Prime Ministers(At present, it is only men) is unprecedented.

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