Necessities at the time of the disaster

Anti-disaster goods maker Taiyo Enex released manual-type charger for smartphones where a hand handle, light, radio and siren are installed in a generator. It is right a necessity at the time of the disasters. This "Petit Thunder" has USB output and users can use charging cable attached to the smartphone directly. When users turn the handle 15 times, they can use a light for 30 hours and a radio for three hours. In addition, users can charge iPhone5 3% and iPhone6 2%. It may be slight, but should turn a lot of handle when they want to charge them a lot. Of course users can use this as not only Anti-disaster goods but also mobile battery in times of peace. The size of this is 125mm *52mm *42mm, weight is 120g and the price is 4,298yen(in tax).

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