Collaboration with Handicapher and Traditional Crafts

You can feel the change of the season while cleaning. It may be a way to spend luxurious time.
Shark Ninja has accepted purchase reservations for their handy cleaner Shark EVOPOWER and special versions collaborated with pottery brand Gagyu-Gama.

Gagyu-Gama was launched in the 17th century and is now a traditional craft designated as an intangible cultural property in Nagasaki Prefecture.
They made a total of 48 special versions with the theme of the four seasons. On these bodies, beautiful pictures by master of Gagyu-Gama are painted in hand-drawn. Gordon Thom, the CEO of Shark Japan who was a diplomat at the time in the 1980s, met Gagyu-Gama during his stay in Japan and was impressed with tradition and technology. About thirty years later, in 2018 he met Gagyu-Gama again at the department store, and this eventualized this collaboration.

Only 48 of these special versions will be made. If purchasers exceed them, they decide who can purchase by lottery. They accept purchase applications until February 28 23:59.

Gagyu-Gama Special page 

The size of EVOPOWER special version is 419 x 54 x 61mm, the weighs is 620g, rechargeable battery, it runs for about 24 minutes with 2.5 hours charging time. The price is 22,680yen(in tax), and purchasers are informed in early March.


This feed your pet in your voice

Do you get annoyed by feeding your pets sometimes? Or are you concerned about pet feeding while traveling? This may solve your problem.
G-Force launched a new pet item brand WAGWAG, released a timer-type rotary automatic feeder "WAGWAG Auto Feeder" and a circulating automatic water feeder "WAGWAG Water Fountain" for cats and small dogs.

WAGWAG Auto Feeder will feed your pets by rotating the tray with your recorded voice at the time you set. You can set a maximum of 5 servings of food for this, so if you go on a sudden business trip or a short trip, you can feed your pets. The feeding part of this is the shape of the subdivided trays, you can set wet food like canned on this. The power supply of this is a household AC adapter, but you can set AAA batteries instead of this, you can use this as an emergency backup power supply.

WAGWAG Water Fountain is a circulating automatic water dispenser that circulates drinking water while filtering water with a filter. It has 3 L tanks and 800 ml bowl, you can add not only water but also feed and cat grasses. Also, because the nano silver sterilization filter of this sterilizes bacteria, fungi and viruses in water, you can always give pets clean water. The size of WAGWAG Auto Feeder is 360 × 112 × 335mm, the weight is 1,900g, and the price is 11,880yen(in tax). The size of WAGWAG Water Fountain is 320 × 220 × 145mm, the weight is 1,050g, and the price is 7,020yen(in tax). Both are already sold at Amazon.co.jp.


Sensor device for racer ZECH-1

Gadget maker Cerevo is a CES regular. As usual, they also showed various new products this time, and many of them were related to sports. ZECH-1, a new lineup of their sports gadget brand XON is a sensing device for motor sports which can recognize the running condition of the machine with a sensor, synthesize the visualized data and the video shooted by the camera in real time and livestreaming.

Users attach this to the racing car and connect it to the OBD - II connector for use. Because it can generate real-time visualized information and livestreaming, members of the racing team can analyze the race in real time using the running data. In addition, it has 6 axis sensor and GPS, and can record data such as position information, speed, acceleration, angular velocity and condition of the vehicle while driving, and store them in the microSD card. HDMI is 480/60p ~ 1080/60p, and the recording resolution is 1080/60p at the maximum. You can connect to the Internet with 3G/LTE or wireless LAN. Power is supplied from the vehicle battery and the external battery(They are supposed to use USB Type-C). The size of this is 180 × 71 × 27.5 mm, and they aim to release this for about 100,000 yen this summer for racers.


Autonomous driving wheelchair

Research and development of autonomous driving is one of the hot topics in the Tech industry. But what if it applies to a wheelchair?
WHILL, the startup who developing the next generation electric wheelchair announced the prototype of the wheelchair's automatic driving system at CES.

This is a technology assuming wheelchair sharing in airports, commercial facilities or Tourist spots. Their wheelchairs have the function of automatically returning to the standby place from the place where the users have dropped. Stereo cameras are mounted on the left and right arms of the wheelchair one by one, so they recognize the surrounding scenery with a wide viewing angle. In addition, a sensor is mounted behind this and prepares for a collision accident when moving backward. And, check the information on the surrounding conditions detected by the sensors against the map information collected in advance, and automatically run safely. Furthermore, it has a communication line, and administrators can manage the location information of this by unifying, and it is also possible to develop optional applications according to usage scenes.
They are aiming to put this in practical use in 2020 and have already been discussing with several airports and companies.