Awesome! TVXQ in AmebaPigg!!

I saw Korean singer group "TVXQ(동방신기)" logging in to AmebaPigg this morning!

Who are TVXQ?(via wiki)







This is not a fan meeting event. They logged in to the last as a general user.

It's an area for music events called "Pigg Dome" that they appeared(whole still pre-opening). Japanese artist "AAA" will hold virtual live next month here. AAA is a label same as TVXQ.

Many Japanese famous people use blog service "Ameba blog" becoming the base of AmebaPigg. Therefore they log in to AmebaPigg routinely as a general user. And their fan wants to see them and logs in to AmebaPigg.

I think that a form of this AmebaPigg can acquire a user than hold a one-shot event in virtual world.


Make: Tokyo Meeting 05 photo report

May 13 (Sun), I went to "Make: Tokyo Meeting 05"

Unfortunately it was a heavy rain on that day, but a lot of people gathered.
This event is held by tech-handmade magazine "Make", but a lot of women, child and elderly arrive every time. It seems to be totally a school festival.

The last article is here

20100523_MakeTokyoMeeting05 015

20100523_MakeTokyoMeeting05 016

20100523_MakeTokyoMeeting05 018

20100523_MakeTokyoMeeting05 021

20100523_MakeTokyoMeeting05 020

20100523_MakeTokyoMeeting05 024

20100523_MakeTokyoMeeting05 026

20100523_MakeTokyoMeeting05 027

20100523_MakeTokyoMeeting05 028

20100523_MakeTokyoMeeting05 029

20100523_MakeTokyoMeeting05 031

20100523_MakeTokyoMeeting05 032

20100523_MakeTokyoMeeting05 034

20100523_MakeTokyoMeeting05 036

20100523_MakeTokyoMeeting05 035

20100523_MakeTokyoMeeting05 037

20100523_MakeTokyoMeeting05 038

20100523_MakeTokyoMeeting05 039

20100523_MakeTokyoMeeting05 040

20100523_MakeTokyoMeeting05 041

20100523_MakeTokyoMeeting05 042

20100523_MakeTokyoMeeting05 043

20100523_MakeTokyoMeeting05 045

20100523_MakeTokyoMeeting05 044

20100523_MakeTokyoMeeting05 046

20100523_MakeTokyoMeeting05 047

20100523_MakeTokyoMeeting05 048

20100523_MakeTokyoMeeting05 049

20100523_MakeTokyoMeeting05 050

20100523_MakeTokyoMeeting05 051

20100523_MakeTokyoMeeting05 052

20100523_MakeTokyoMeeting05 053

20100523_MakeTokyoMeeting05 054

20100523_MakeTokyoMeeting05 055

20100523_MakeTokyoMeeting05 056

20100523_MakeTokyoMeeting05 057

20100523_MakeTokyoMeeting05 059

20100523_MakeTokyoMeeting05 058

20100523_MakeTokyoMeeting05 060

20100523_MakeTokyoMeeting05 061