GungHo and Square Enix released the arcade game of the Puzzle and Dragons

Now, Puzzle and Dragons is in everywhere in Japan. GungHo and Square Enix released an arcade game version of popular mobile game Puzzle and Dragons "Puzzle and Dragons Battle Tournament" last week. 1 play is 100 yen.

The basics of the game of this do not have many changes from a mobile version. Players fight against enemies with a puzzle, gets monsters and characters and bring them up.

However, the new elements are added.

Players can choose avatars of their own. There are eight kinds and of course can customize them.

And this is the most important element. Players can battle with other players in Japan on real time.

In an arcade game, how do players save data? Japan has IC card "NESiCA" of exclusive use of the arcade games.

Players can save their avatar data, battle data, deck data and story data using this. Furthermore, they can get a privilege in conjunction with Puzzle and Dragons of the mobile version using this.

GungHo and Square Enix magnify setting shops of this from now on.

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