Real cafe of mobile romance sim for women

Japanese mobile game contents company Cybird opened a time-limited cafe of their mobile romance sim in shopping building SoLaDo Harajuku.

They run the romance sim for women "Ikemen" series, and they have 7 million users. (Ikemen means handsome men in Japanese)

Other movies are here

The name of the cafe was "Koi ga hajimaru cafe"(cafe of love begins) and opened from March 21 - April 20. Originally SoLaDo is a shopping building optimized for girls, but there became the place more optimized for girls by collaboration with Cybird. Life-sized panels of characters are set up to a cafe, drinks which featured romance sims were contributed, and coasters of the original design of characters were presented to visitors who ordered drinks. When I went there, 100% of visitors were girls.

In addition, they will hold the fan meeting event tomorrow here.

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