Oral care in emergency

When evacuating to a shelter due to disasters, oral care tends to be neglected because water is precious, but tooth decay can cause serious life-threatening diseases. SOLADEY is a toothbrush that can brush your teeth using light in an evacuation life.

It has a photocatalytic(TiO2 titanium oxide) semiconductor, and it reacts with light and water to generate negative electrons(e-), which can remove plaque. That means you can brush your teeth well without using toothpaste and save water. It also has a solar panel that, when exposed to light, automatically generates the electrons needed to remove plaque. Of course it is waterproof. This is a replaceable brush, you can just replace the brush part and share it with your family, which also reduces the amount of garbage.

Recently, Sei Shop, which sells this product, has released a "survival set" that includes replacement brushes for family members and a pouch. It includes one toothbrush grip part and four replacement brushes and the price is 3850 yen (including tax) . It is a good idea to put it in a disaster prevention bag in case of emergency.


Measure your child's growth

Children grow up very quickly and it is hard to buy items that fit. Especially when buying shoes, it is important to make sure that your children's feet and shoes are the right size. So, Software developer Techfirm collaborated with children's shoe brand IFME to develop a mobile application for iOS Pittari-IFME that can measure the size of children's feet using AR.

This application uses the iPhone's AR function ARKit, and when you shoot your children's foot with a smartphone camera, it measures the foot size from that image. To increase the accuracy of the measurement, you need to use A4 paper as a comparison object, which allows the application to measure distance in 3D space. This is also designed for cases where children cannot stand still, and the position can be finely adjusted after shooting so that the shooting time is as short as possible. Measurement records are displayed graphically within the application, and you can record the growth of the children's feet. It also sends push messages once every three months to remind you to measure.
Downloading the application is free, and the release of the Android version is undecided.