[TGS2019 report] Tokyo Game Show 2019 has begun

Today, on September 12, 2019, the biggest game festival in Japan Tokyo Game Show 2019 has began at Makuhari Messe in Chiba Pref. The period is September 12 ~ 15.

The theme of this year's Tokyo Game Show is “More Connected, More Fun.” According to the announcement of the sponsored CESA and Nikkei BP, 655 companies and organizations from 40 countries are exhibiting this year. Among them, there are 350 Japanese companies exhibiting, which is the highest ever. The number of exhibition booths reached a record high of 2417. The games on display are 1522 titles.

This year's Tokyo Game Show is focused on streaming, and will provide reports videos in English and Chinese, and videos with English subtitles on various platforms. If you want to watch them, first check the official website of the English version of the Tokyo Game Show.



Apps that prevent mistakes in buying clothes

When buying new clothes on online shops, it's awkward to get the wrong size, and trying in real stores is troublesome. As new features of their mobile application, UNIQLO has released MySize CAMERA, that allows users to measure their body with the cameras of their smartphones. But if we know the right size clothes before buying them, it's useful. Fashion retail UNIQLO has released MySize CAMERA, a new feature of their mobile application that allows users to measure their bodies with the cameras of their smartphones.

When you enter your height, weight, gender, and age in the application and upload pictures of yourself taken from two directions, front and left side, the application will automatically create 10 points on your body estimate the size and display them. You can register these estimated sizes in the UNIQLO online store, so you can use them when purchasing clothes online.

If you are troublesome to take pictures, MySize ASSIST, which suggests the best clothing size from data is useful. If you enter your height, weight, gender and age in the application, and then select from your choices such as your stomach or hip shape, your preferred wearing feeling, purchase data for other users of similar body shapes recommends clothes size based on. Of course, this feature is also available in the online store. After you search for clothes using this function, the recommended size is continuously displayed when you browse other clothes. However, items for kids, inner wear, items for babies, maternity wear, room wear, and other goods are not eligible.
These features are currently only available in the iOS version.


Okayama prefectural gov uses cute VTubers to send prefectural information

Now, virtual Youtuber(VTuber) is very popular in Japan. It's not just geeks, otakus, developers, performers, artists, and actors who are crazy about them.
Today, the prefectural office in Okayama Prefecture, one of the prefectures in Japan, released a publicity video using VTuber.

Their names are Momoko(girl) and Kibito(boy), the Okayama Prefecture certified VTubers. Each voices are played by popular voice actors Yu Serizawa(芹澤優) and Kento Ito(伊東健人). They are students who go to a fictional high school, and tell in the first video how pre-preparation is important in disaster management. It is especially important to check the hazard risk and the route to the evacuation site on the hazard map. Recently, disasters such as typhoons and heavy rains continued in western Japan, including Okayama Prefecture. This is very timely information.

The Okayama Prefectural Gov Public Relations Division has also opened official website of Momoko and Kibito. From now on, they will release various publicity videos by VTubers here.