Supercell utilizes Japanese photoshop meme and hashtag campaign for advertising

Finland's Supercell performs various original promotion in Japan.

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They started the original promotion for Japanese users more from this week. This is "#クラクラコラージュ選手権(Clash of Clans Collage Grand Prix)".

This is associated with the TV commercials that they broadcasted in Japan now. They contribute two kinds of collage material "略奪する女(The woman who plunders)" and "略奪される男(The man who is plundered)" in a campaign site, and raise collage works using them in Twitter.

Twitter users like making crappy collage works and tweet them, and Japanese people are particularly so. They even do the worst situation in photoshop meme and enjoy it as a joke. If you are familiar with social media, I should know "#ISISクソコラグランプリ(ISIS Crappy Collage Grand Prix)".

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They want to utilize the such characteristic of Japanese people for advertising. Goods of Clash of Clans are presented to 20 users who made cool works.


Doraemon cooperates with mixi's popular mobile game Monster Strike

Japanese national manga/anime Doraemon shows a movie every year, and cooperate with mobile app or game. The partner of their this year is mixi's popular mobile game Monster Strike. Now, Monster Strike Jp ver. is full of Doraemon.

A start screen and the loading screen are Doraemon...

And Doraemon and Nobita comes up in a game as playable characters. The charges are not necessary to get them. We can get Nobita by posting tie-up information to Twitter and Facebook. On the other hand, Doraemon appears on free gacha and limited stages.

They are very cute! but they transform themselves into a hero mode when we strengthen them.

Furthermore, mixi broadcasts new TV CM of Doraemon ver. with this tie-up.


Yo-Kai Watch strikes Hawaii before the US mainland landing

Hawaii Visitors and Convention Bureau cooperated with Japanese popular game/anime Yo-Kai Watch(妖怪ウォッチ) and appointed this to kids goodwill ambassador. A collaboration enforcement period is two years.

Yokai Watch is a series of role-playing games for Nintendo 3DS developed and published by Level-5. It is released from 2013, then TV anime was broadcasted, manga was published, and various goods were released and got explosive popularity. This is more popular than Pokemon now in Japan.

Hawaii cooperates with Yokai Watch and publicizes Hawaii to Japanese families and overseas travel beginner. Unfortunately the overseas travel number of Japanese people decreases year by year. Therefore Hawaii cooperates with Yokai Watch, and appeal to Japanese people that Hawaii is safe and convenient place. They have already opened a tie-up site. Furthermore, they will hold a stamp rally event, sell Hawaiian limited original goods, produce a Hawaiian original short story anime, and plan Yo-Kai Watch Hawaii tour.

This tie-up is very effective for Level-5. Because they start US expansion of Yo-Kai Watch in 2016 in earnest. Naturally Hawaiian will see this tie-up, and may be interested in it. This is promotion of Yo-Kai Watct  for Hawaiian, too.


Minecraft PlayStation version attract the Japanese primary schoolchildren

Sony computer entertainment Japan Asia announced that the number of the sale of Minecraft for PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3 and PlayStation Vita passed 500,000 in Japan. 200,000 of them is PlayStation Vita version. These gained popularity from primary schoolchildren from summer of 2014. The reason is promotion.

At first, "CoroCoro Comic" a monthly manga magazine published by Shogakukan placed op-ed pages of Minecraft every month from September issue, 2014.

Next, a children's TV show "Oha Suta" introduced Minecraft as new hobby of children in October, 2014 and broadcasted Minecraft section after it every week.

By these, the primary schoolchild of the novelty hunter became crazy about Minecraft. Furthermore, Shogakukan made Minecraft booth in hobby show for children "Next-generation world hobby fair 2015 Winter". Then children stood in line immediately there, and the trial-play wait lines exceeded 150 minutes. Sony interviewed them and showed the data.

Q. Are there friends playing Minecraft in your class of the school?
Yes - 70%
No - 30%

Q. How many friends playing in Minecraft in your class are there?

Q. What is the device that you play Minecraft?
PlayStation Vita approaches the smartphone of the first place.

Q. What kind of element of Minecraft do you like?
"I can play freely", "Adventure is fun", "I can play for a long time without getting tired", "Manufacturing is fun", "I can play together", "I like world area", "I like character designs"... Japanese primary schoolchildren seem to like high flexibility of Minecraft. Probably, this becomes the long hit.