Yo-Kai Watch strikes Hawaii before the US mainland landing

Hawaii Visitors and Convention Bureau cooperated with Japanese popular game/anime Yo-Kai Watch(妖怪ウォッチ) and appointed this to kids goodwill ambassador. A collaboration enforcement period is two years.

Yokai Watch is a series of role-playing games for Nintendo 3DS developed and published by Level-5. It is released from 2013, then TV anime was broadcasted, manga was published, and various goods were released and got explosive popularity. This is more popular than Pokemon now in Japan.

Hawaii cooperates with Yokai Watch and publicizes Hawaii to Japanese families and overseas travel beginner. Unfortunately the overseas travel number of Japanese people decreases year by year. Therefore Hawaii cooperates with Yokai Watch, and appeal to Japanese people that Hawaii is safe and convenient place. They have already opened a tie-up site. Furthermore, they will hold a stamp rally event, sell Hawaiian limited original goods, produce a Hawaiian original short story anime, and plan Yo-Kai Watch Hawaii tour.

This tie-up is very effective for Level-5. Because they start US expansion of Yo-Kai Watch in 2016 in earnest. Naturally Hawaiian will see this tie-up, and may be interested in it. This is promotion of Yo-Kai Watct  for Hawaiian, too.

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