Nameko in Tokusatsu: Tsuburaya production made PV of Nameko

I wrote that Japanese popular smartphone game character Nameko cooperated with an anime studio last month.

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This just resembles Rovio's Angry Birds Toons. However, Nameko challenged Tokusatsu(特撮) in cooperation with Tsuburaya production this time. the title is "Nameko School Wars".

Wow! A lot of suits of Nameko appear! Funny! Kawaii! The video is shown in Youtube now.

The suits of Nameko move intensely, and many special effects are added. Tsuburaya production is known as a Japanese well-established special effects company. They made a lot of famous special effects works such as the Godzilla and Ultra-man. Those know-how is used for Nameko School Wars.

Production company of the Nameko series BeeWorks is going to raise Nameko character using various technique. It is not the tactics that they are going to earn by only a game.


The book of Japanese crazy virtual economy of mobile social game

Japanese virtual economy is crazy. People using tens of thousands of yen for a mobile social game for one month are not rare in Japan(now, 1USD = about 100yen). In them, Bandai NAMCO games' mobile social game "Idol master: Cinderella girl" is known by having a lot of users who are crazy.

This is a simulation game that users become the producer of the production, and train girls band. Originally this was software for consoles, but made a big success by become a social game. Many "producers" used a large amount of real money to let a one's girls band succeed. They came to be called in this way in the Japanese social game industry, "Heavy charge army" "Wreck of charge". Users called like that using millions of hundreds of thousands of yen for this for one month.

Today, the book which placed the interview to seven "Heavy charge army" was published.

走り続ける男たち モバマス廃人 (三才ムック vol.622)

It is terrible only with a table of contents.

I continue playing Gacha until the item which I want appears
I bought 4,000 virtual energy drink for an event
I played Gacha for 50,000 yen at once
I gave one idol 18,000 virtual stamina drinks


On the other hand, there are the interesting episodes.

Idol master: Cinderella girl is corporate management simulation
I came to read economic books to capture a game
The bond of friends that was provided by a game even if I stop a game remains
The most important point is to love idols

This book lets us think about "value". Physical? or virtual? It may not be an important problem. Unfortunately this book is written only in Japanese. Do you want to read this if there is English version?

Tragedy: Japanese game company Index went bankrupt

I wrote it about window-dressing of Japanese game company Index the other day.

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However, further tragedy happened today. They went bankrupt with a debt of 24,500 million yen. They announced that they stated a civil rehabilitation proceeding in the Tokyo District Court, and they were accepted.

According to their press release, their game business in itself is brisk. However, they fail by the overseas acquisition, theoverseas advance of mobile contents, and Investment business. In addition, a chairperson and the president take these responsibility and resign.

Many Japanese gamers worry about popularity game brand Atlus which is their affiliation. Index intends to transfer game business to them looking for sponsors immediately.

Appropriate sponsors should be found early.


Social game "Rage of Bahamut" became the sexy figure at last

Cygames announced that they sold a figure of their popular social game Rage of Bahamut. It is 11,000 yen(about 113USD) and build-to-order manufacturing. Of course it is an item for adults.

This reproduces a popular character "Dark General".

The overall height is about 22 centimeters, the materials are polyvinyl chloride, They accept a reservation until August 12 and send it out from October. However, unfortunately the sale of this is only Japan.

GREE opens the time-limited shop of the social game character at Tokyo Station

Now, time-limited shop of GREE opens in the shopping district under the ground of Tokyo Station.

It is goods shop of social game Clinoppe of GREE. GREE makes efforts in character business and pushes forward cross-media development of Clinoppe in particular.

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Various cutie goods are sold in the goods shop. However, GREE considers adult women to be target users. Clinoppe is the long hit game that continues giving a service since before GREE became the social game platform. Users who were a student in those days become adults now. There were even jewelry in the goods.

In addition, there were the just right sweets to eat in an interval of the work! :)

Furthermore, the display corner of original pictures of TV Anime was established, too.

This shop opens until July 1. if you go to Tokyo Station, let's go here incidentally!


Fusion of a social game and English learning---Eipontan

Drecom is one of the Japanese social game developers, but they make efforts in learning apps recently. Particulary, English learning apps "Eipontan" is popular.

Eipontan is the apps that combined learning with a social game.

At first, users take a level judgment test of English degree of achievement.

It is a quiz of English words. Users choose the right meaning of words.

My level is…"You can order a menu in an overseas fast food shop". Mmm, high level? or low level?

Well, it is the beginning of the game. We become the teacher of a strange school and choose one's student.

He is my student. When he study English, he grows up, and a level rises. However, his physical strength is worn out when he continues studying in succession(The heart marks express it).

We can get a virtual currency as a reward when we answer them correctly in questions.

Furthermore, we can get snacks for the student. The growth speed of the student becomes earlier by his eating snacks.

The figure of the student changes by growth. Kawaii!

However, delinquents sometimes torment a student. We must do punishment to him. Therefore we study English words again. They are slightly more difficult than normal questions.

Well, you may have already noticed. This is a form of a J-style social game. Study is equivalent to quests, and delinquents are equivalent to raid boss. Upbringing of the student is a form of the pet upbringing game. They develop the learning games using the social game development know-how that they cultivated until now. They release two learning games other than Eipontan, and the number of those downloading has already exceeded 1 million.


The first Japan's Diet member iOS apps developer was born

Liberal Democratic Party of Japan released first official iOS game apps Abe-Pyon(あべぴょん). The motif of the character is Prime Minister Shinzo Abe.

However, the name of the iOS developer is not Liberal Democratic Party of Japan.

Takuya Hirai. Who is he?...

Oh! Takuya Hirai is a Diet member and Internet media director of Liberal Democratic Party of Japan. He says in Twitter about Abe-Pyon...

"Although I have not announced this yet, how did you get to know this? "
This is the first time that a Diet member releases smartphone apps in Japan.  The IT literacy of Japanese politicians is very poor. However, it may be improved if politicians come to be concerned with direct development like him.

Abe-Pyon is the simple and casual jumping game and anyone can easily play. We let Abe jump in sky high. This may look unpolished, but this is the first step of the Japanese politician.