Social city-building simulation game Pigg World distributes coupons in a virtual shop

Japanese Internet advertising agency Cyber Agent provides new O2O advertisement service in their social game Pigg World.

Pigg World is a social city-building simulation game linking virtual world Ameba Pigg. Users can play Pigg World with one's avatar of Ameba Pigg, too. Now, Cyber Agent suggests to users to build the virtual shop of Lawson of the convenience store in one's town of Pigg World.

It reproduces a real shop and users can let a resident work here.

Such an icon is displayed in a few minutes. When we clicked this...

We can get the discount coupon number of the roll cake. And we go to the real shop with this coupon number near at hand.

Lawson has a self-service electronic ticket dispensing system Loppi. When we input a coupon number on a screen of Loppi, the coupon that a roll cake becomes cheaper 30 yen is published.

Yummy! By the way, this is one of the popular sweets of Lawson.

Cyber Agent cooperated with many companies and shops until now in Ameba Pigg. Those most built the virtual shop and were to offer the virtual goods which reproduced real products. However, they offer the service that progressed from them more. They intend to promote the sale of the real product as well as virtual goods.

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