Know-how platform of the Japanese DIY---TECSHAR

I sometimes make figure models.

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I made "Nameko" figure

I wrote the procedure in vsmedia and here until now. However, I examine it to write it in TECSHAR from now on.

TECSHAR is a platform sharing know-how of DIY. Users can post procedure of every DIY such as Design, illustration, handicrafts, electronic work, 3D data, 3D print goods, gadget etc...(well, the things which readers of O'Reilly's magazine Make: seem to like). It just opened today, but has some post.

This is the first service of Japanese startup Techin. They perform service and a project about DIY mainly on a 3D print technology. They are going to provide education service "Tech In Academy" with upgrading of TECSHAR. In addition, Techin is the startup which Japanese serial entrepreneur Kazuma Ieiri established.

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