Voltage, developer of dating sim for women goes into the French-speaking world

Voltage is one of the representative developers of dating sim for women in Japan. They release many games in various mobile platforms. Furthermore, they provide not only the Japanese version but also the English version.

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In addition to these, they go into the French market. Today, they released French dating sim for smartphones "Seras-tu Ma Princesse?"(Jp title:王子様のプロポーズ/ En title:Be My Princess).

This is their representative game. This was developed as contents for Japanese furture phone at first. Afterwards, it was provided on various platforms such as GREE, iOS and  Android. Users become a heroine and can simulate the love with characters of the prince. It resembles Novell game, and ending changes what kind of choice we do.

They translated only texts into French and left the artwork original. Japanese contents are received without localization in France somehow.
According to them, J-style dating sim for women gradually spreads among the countries except Japan. English version "Be My Princess" came first in the top sales of the entertainment category of US App Store and Asian 17 countries including Singapore.

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