The first Japan's Diet member iOS apps developer was born

Liberal Democratic Party of Japan released first official iOS game apps Abe-Pyon(あべぴょん). The motif of the character is Prime Minister Shinzo Abe.

However, the name of the iOS developer is not Liberal Democratic Party of Japan.

Takuya Hirai. Who is he?...

Oh! Takuya Hirai is a Diet member and Internet media director of Liberal Democratic Party of Japan. He says in Twitter about Abe-Pyon...

"Although I have not announced this yet, how did you get to know this? "
This is the first time that a Diet member releases smartphone apps in Japan.  The IT literacy of Japanese politicians is very poor. However, it may be improved if politicians come to be concerned with direct development like him.

Abe-Pyon is the simple and casual jumping game and anyone can easily play. We let Abe jump in sky high. This may look unpolished, but this is the first step of the Japanese politician.

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