The book of Japanese crazy virtual economy of mobile social game

Japanese virtual economy is crazy. People using tens of thousands of yen for a mobile social game for one month are not rare in Japan(now, 1USD = about 100yen). In them, Bandai NAMCO games' mobile social game "Idol master: Cinderella girl" is known by having a lot of users who are crazy.

This is a simulation game that users become the producer of the production, and train girls band. Originally this was software for consoles, but made a big success by become a social game. Many "producers" used a large amount of real money to let a one's girls band succeed. They came to be called in this way in the Japanese social game industry, "Heavy charge army" "Wreck of charge". Users called like that using millions of hundreds of thousands of yen for this for one month.

Today, the book which placed the interview to seven "Heavy charge army" was published.

走り続ける男たち モバマス廃人 (三才ムック vol.622)

It is terrible only with a table of contents.

I continue playing Gacha until the item which I want appears
I bought 4,000 virtual energy drink for an event
I played Gacha for 50,000 yen at once
I gave one idol 18,000 virtual stamina drinks


On the other hand, there are the interesting episodes.

Idol master: Cinderella girl is corporate management simulation
I came to read economic books to capture a game
The bond of friends that was provided by a game even if I stop a game remains
The most important point is to love idols

This book lets us think about "value". Physical? or virtual? It may not be an important problem. Unfortunately this book is written only in Japanese. Do you want to read this if there is English version?

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