mixi imitates the success of the messaging apps

mixi released brand of the casual game for smartphones "mixi collabo-sma-ge(mixi collaboration-smartphone-game)". It is games of the native apps for smartphones in conjunction with mixi.

They released a puzzle game "Monpani" and a shooting game "Magical Glider" in the beginning.

Both games are very simple. We can log in to them in mixi account and play 1 game in only 1 minute. Furthermore, we can compete with a friend for score.

...Well, This resembles LINE and Kakao Talk closely very much.

mixi was the Social Networking Service that took in a social game earliest in Japan. However, unfortunately they are overtaken by GREE and Mobage, and overtaken now by LINE. Furthermore, they are becoming outdated as social networking. Therefore they renew a social game platform and bet it on revival.

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