Nameko in Tokusatsu: Tsuburaya production made PV of Nameko

I wrote that Japanese popular smartphone game character Nameko cooperated with an anime studio last month.

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This just resembles Rovio's Angry Birds Toons. However, Nameko challenged Tokusatsu(特撮) in cooperation with Tsuburaya production this time. the title is "Nameko School Wars".

Wow! A lot of suits of Nameko appear! Funny! Kawaii! The video is shown in Youtube now.

The suits of Nameko move intensely, and many special effects are added. Tsuburaya production is known as a Japanese well-established special effects company. They made a lot of famous special effects works such as the Godzilla and Ultra-man. Those know-how is used for Nameko School Wars.

Production company of the Nameko series BeeWorks is going to raise Nameko character using various technique. It is not the tactics that they are going to earn by only a game.

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