DeNA founder and former CEO Tomoko Namba published an essay book

Tomoko Namba is a Japanese entrepreneur and known as former CEO of DeNA. She founded DeNA in 1999 -Surprisingly it was not a mobile game company in those days!- and opened Mobage Town(Mobage) in February, 2006. Now, DeNA became the one of the largest mobile social network and mobile game companies in Japan. She came to be known as the most successful woman entrepreneur in Japan. However, she stepped down in 2011 for the nursing of her husband of illness.

Then two years passed. In a happy thing, her and her husband is fine! She wrote an essay besides nursing, and it was released today. The title is "Unshapely management - Challenge of team DeNA (不格好経営―チームDeNAの挑戦)". This has many epusodes of DeNA and Mobage. This is the first time that she shows it about management of DeNA at the time of the establishment of a business. According to her, she did a "full-course of the failure". She said, "It was unexpected that I who advised managers as a consultant of McKinsey had trouble with management so much. The management is so unshapely. However, therefore it is really exciting!".
Unfortunately, this is only Japanese. It is sold for 1,680 yen in Amazon.co.jp.

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