Anonymous worked on cleaning in Comiket 82

Anonymous worked on cleaning last month in Shibuya, Tokyo. Following it, they cleaned today in Comiket 82.

via @Operation_ACS[Twitter]

Comiket(Comic Market) is world's largest self-published book fair. However, it becomes the festival of every expression activity now. Or it is a festival of world's largest Otaku. All of expression activity exists here. Comics, novel, criticism, illustration, photo, handmade product, game, music, cos- play etc...

However, some stupids criticize this grand event.(The reasons are young people protection and a problem of the copyrights) However, the most of the criticism are often irrelevant.

Anonymous did Tweet in this way in Twitter. "We fight thoroughly to keep the freedom of expression of all people". They did garbage picking in the Ariake big site of the place of Comiket. The activity is very cool.

via Kotaku Japan

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