Let's enjoy a handsome hot spring with iPhone

"Personification" is the Japanese proud skill. The Japanese personifies every thing. The Japanese personifies every thing and give them character.

Gigno System Japan released the iOS application that personified a hot spring to a handsome man.

This is the application that personified Misasa Onsen in Tottori, Japan.

Originally they released the drama CDs which personified Japanese famous hot springs.

あなたがお風呂で のぼせるCD ~温泉擬人化コレクション~ 第1弾「草津編」
あなたがお風呂で のぼせるCD ~温泉擬人化コレクション~ 第1弾「草津編」

あなたがお風呂で のぼせるCD ~温泉擬人化コレクション~ 第2弾「登別編」
あなたがお風呂で のぼせるCD ~温泉擬人化コレクション~ 第2弾「登別編」
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This iOS application evolved from these drama CDs more. This has a full voice function, and a popular voice actor is in charge of a voice. The user can communicate in characters , manage the schedule and use the alarm function. When a user communicates with him a lot and makes friends, his lines and expression change.

However, unfortunately we cannot use this application while entering the hot spring. Because iPhone is broken.

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Lara Takahashi さんのコメント...

Haha, too bad it's only in Japanese language.. if it was in english, I would deffo get it :D

籠谷千穂 さんのコメント...

Unfortunately this supports only Japanese. It is necessary for the Japanese developer and voice actor to study more English :)