The Peace Learning Archive in OKINAWA

Japan's Okinawa is the place where an intense ground war was carried out in Pacific War. And there are people killed in action of a large quantity of numerical private citizen. However, it is not known very much. Therefore Okinawa showed digital archive using Google Earth "The Peace Learning Archive in OKINAWA".


This is the archive which mapped data of the Okinawa ground war on Google Earth.

Many icons are displayed on Okinawa. The icons of the face of people show an interview video.

Click them, we can watch the interview Youtube video of the survivor of the Okinawa ground war.

Furthermore, we can watch photos of Okinawa at the time of the Pacific War. They are put on a map of current Okinawa.

An interesting point of these data are that not only the geolocation but also the time axes is given these. We can watch data with this "time slider".

For example, there are few data at the time of the Pacific War outbreak.

However, there are many data at the time of the Pacific War end.

In addition, Okinawa Peace Memorial Museum and Okinawa Archives Building cooperate with this archive production entirely. So many valuable data are collected. Besides, we can watch all this free.

This helps the peace learning of the school very much. Of course English is supported.

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