Local character's smartphone

Kumamon is a local character in Kumamoto Prefecture, and one of the most popular Japanese character. Now, his various goods are sold and the regional economy in Kumamoto has been greatly revitalized thanks to him, A new lineup will be added to them in this month. It's a SIM free smartphone "Kumamon-no-Sumaphone(くまモンのすまフォン)".

In order to release this, Kumamoto's MVNO Kuma Mobile made business alliance with French smartphone maker Wiko.
They will develop a SIM free smartphone designed Kumamon wearing the French flag muffler based on Wiko's Android smartphone "Tommy".

The body is Kumamoto's image color red. In addition, they also prepare VR contents that can see Kumamoto Castle before destroyed by the 2016 Kumamoto earthquakes. Its box transforms into mobile VR goggles, and users can enjoy VR content using this. They are planning to sell this from mid December, but the price is unpublished.