Japanese idol group "Perfume" shows motion capture data

Perfume is a Japanese popular technopop idol group. They go from this year into the global market.

They showed the motion capture data of the dance of their own today.


This is a part of their global market advance project. All the creators can make works using these data. Of course it is free!
24 hours do not yet pass since data are shown, but some works have been already uploaded in youtube.


SoftBank CEO began Facebook

Japanese cell-phone carrier SoftBank CEO Masayoshi Son began Facebook today.
Only several hours pass, but he collects Like! more than 16000.(He is Twitter user most popular in Japan)

By the way, Mark Zuckerberg appeared in sudden Japan today. Are these related?


[Photo Report] Angry Birds Space release event in Tokyo

It was Angry Birds Space Day on March 22. Release event was held in NTT DoCoMo smartphone lounge of Yurakucho, Tokyo in Japan. Why at NTT DoCoMo smartphone lounge? Probably NTT DoCoMo is Samsung galaxy distributor in Japan is because is it.

When said honestly, there was smaller than event space of conventional Rovio Japan. However, many reporters gathered(There were crew of Japanese national broadcasting NHK, too).

The point different from the event of other countries that there was the explanation about Japan's original tie-up. Rovio Japan ties up with Fuji TV and Taito now."Space invader area" is covered in Angry Birds Space. It was enabled by this business tie-up.

Rovio Entertainment Creative Director Lauri Konttori
Rovio Japan Antti Sonninen

Angry Birds is not so yet famous in Japan. However, Angry Birds Space got the first place at top sales ranking in Japanese App Store, and more popular than sex app. It is difficult in Japan! :)

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Why do Web industry people turn a potter's wheel?

Now, Japanese Web community is full of this topic.

"Why do Web industry people turn a potter's wheel? "

These are the examples...

via http://hamusoku.com/archives/6845462.html

What kind of reasons, Web industry people and entrepreneurs do the pose which makes a circle with both hands. This becomes the topic in Twitter, 2channel and NAVER, etc., and people who had interview in the past began to check their own photos.

Nationality and the race do not act on a pose to turn a potter's wheel.

He is making the big works.

He already finished a works.

His works is small.

Steve Jobs reinvented ceramic works. 


By the way, not only Steve Jobs but also Tim Cook is the superior ceramist.


Doraemon Congratulations Cake

NHN Japan makes efforts in application of smartphones. They released such a cute application this month. This is "Doraemon Omedetou Cake". (Omedetou means Congratulations in Japanese)

"Doraemon Omedetou Cake" is the greetings application that can present virtual goods to a friend. It is not a particularly rare thing. However, in the splendid point of this application, all artworks are that Doraemon is a theme. We can present the cake which decorated with virtual goods of Doraemon.

Furthermore, this application has the game element. At first, we must get virtual goods by a shooting game.

We can glance through the virtual goods which we collected with an album.

And we decorate a cake with the virtual goods which we collected. We must play a shooting game many times to do gorgeous decoration. Of course I want to use a lot of Doraemon, but it is difficult to get them.

 Android Ver. is here


Personified Siri

Apple released iOS 5.1 and started Japanese support of Siri. Then, the Japanese personified Siri immediately.

Siriちゃん早速擬人化だよー\(^o^)/お尻がチャームポイントだよー\(^o^)/... on Twitpic

siriが流行ってるときいて on Twitpic
Why does she show ass? Because Siri means ass in Japanese(Would not Steve Jobs knew it?).

Siri日本版発表を記念して「Siri擬人化」イラストを描いてみました(^^) #siri... on Twitpic

siriさんがバニーちゃんに見えて仕方なくてですね... on Twitpic

ちょっと高慢で不器用で寂しがり屋のsiriさんが、日本語対応するのをどれだけ待っていたかっていうアレな気持ちを落書きしてみ... on Twitpic

ところでみんなsiriさんにエロい事話しかけて困惑させてるみたいなんだけどsiriさんってこういう事なんだけど大丈夫か?(... on Twitpic

via Togetter
You can watch other works in Togetter.

An interesting point of this is that there are images of the butler. When Japanese people personified something until now, it was a beautiful girl in many cases. However, Siri is service of only a text. Therefore women may imagine a butler.

In addition, the Japanese does a funny experiment by using Siri. For example, they say blue jokes to Siri and inspect answers [Japanese].


PiggLife collected 8 million yen in February

Farming game Pigg Life of AmebaPigg collects donations of Tōhoku big earthquake and tsunami by a virtual goods from last month. They collected donations of about 8 million yen(about 100,000 USD) in February. The total donations which they collected now exceeded 60 million yen.
They continue working on the fund-raising until April.

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Japanese TV company Fuji TV and Rovio perform a business tie-up

Yesterday, Rovio released Angry Birds Seasons Cherry Blossom. However they did another announcement about Japan today. It is a business tie-up with TV company Fuji TV. They opened a collaboration page "Angry Birds × Fuji TV" at once.

We can play an original episode "Sakura Ninja" here.

"Sakura Ninja" has 12 levels in total.

Sakura Ninja was developed based on Cherry Blossom. However, the placement of objects are different. And the biggest difference is that birds perform a cos-play. Rovio's Japanese-style design was a thing for this.

Company building of Fuji TV(It is known as a strange thing in Japanese modern buildings) comes up in a last level. We can destroy this :)

Even if you cannot speak Japanese, you  can play this game.

Henri Holm, senior vice president of Rovio comments on this business tie-up in this way
"Japan is a holy place of a video game and is the center of a pop culture. Rovio wanted to enhance presence in an important market for a long time. We repeated discussion with various company until now in Japan. And we thought that Angry Birds might make rapid progress more by making Fuji TV and partnership. And we thought partnership with Fuji Television, Angry Birds might make rapid progress more. We are looking forward to being able to raise the egg of new entertainment together by employing a mutual strong point efficiently from now on."

via Fuji TV's press release (Japanese)