Angry Birds Seasons Cherry Blossom

Today, I played "Angry Birds Seasons - Cherry Blossom". It was very interesting! I enjoyed it!

 This is Angry Birds's first Japanese theme. Japanese custom called "Hanami" is designed.

 When overseas games takes in Japan in a design, it is usually strange and funny. Unfortunately, as for them, China, Korea and Japan were mixed and confused.

However, Angry Birds Seasons Cherry Blossom is natural. In an initial design of Rovio, there were the bird which dressed a Chonmage, the bird which did Kabuki make-up, a bird in judo wear, the bird which wore a protective gear of the kendo, the bird dressed in clothes of the ninja. However, there are not them in a game.
There were Mt. Fuji, Torii, cherry blossom, Norimaki(Kind of the sushi), Rice ball(Onigiri), Rice cake(Dango), Teapot(kyuusu) and wooden bowl(Owan) in a game. And Pigs wear a twisted Hachimaki.

The game is difficult, and it is hard to get three star. There are three bonus stages.

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