Japanese TV company Fuji TV and Rovio perform a business tie-up

Yesterday, Rovio released Angry Birds Seasons Cherry Blossom. However they did another announcement about Japan today. It is a business tie-up with TV company Fuji TV. They opened a collaboration page "Angry Birds × Fuji TV" at once.

We can play an original episode "Sakura Ninja" here.

"Sakura Ninja" has 12 levels in total.

Sakura Ninja was developed based on Cherry Blossom. However, the placement of objects are different. And the biggest difference is that birds perform a cos-play. Rovio's Japanese-style design was a thing for this.

Company building of Fuji TV(It is known as a strange thing in Japanese modern buildings) comes up in a last level. We can destroy this :)

Even if you cannot speak Japanese, you  can play this game.

Henri Holm, senior vice president of Rovio comments on this business tie-up in this way
"Japan is a holy place of a video game and is the center of a pop culture. Rovio wanted to enhance presence in an important market for a long time. We repeated discussion with various company until now in Japan. And we thought that Angry Birds might make rapid progress more by making Fuji TV and partnership. And we thought partnership with Fuji Television, Angry Birds might make rapid progress more. We are looking forward to being able to raise the egg of new entertainment together by employing a mutual strong point efficiently from now on."

via Fuji TV's press release (Japanese)

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