Learn English with dance and AR

In 2020, English classes will be required in the upper grades of Japanese elementary schools. So Sega Toys has developed a learning toy Wonderful Channel that allows children to learn English while dancing in front of a monitor.

The main body of this is a dog-shaped camera, when you connect it to a home TV monitor, displays the children on the screen. It also has a motion sensor and an AR function, which adds various images to the children's motion. The video content is learn English words while dancing, and children can learn English happily with the dance. Furthermore, they can transform into animals or fairy tale characters by AR. It will be an experience as they were in the fairy tale world. Any number of people that can fit on the monitor screen can be recognized by the motion sensor, so parents and children can play together. It has more than 60 types of content, and you can choose the right content from 5 steps tailored to your children's age and learning stage. The target age is over 3 years old. The size is 95mm x 95mm x 100mm and has accessories such as a remote control, stand and HDMI cable. Batteries are required for the main unit and remote control(Body: 3 AA batteries, Remote control: 2 AAA batteries). The price is 14,300 yen (including tax), and you can purchase it at major mail order sites and consumer electronics mass retailers.


Compact but powerful

In October, typhoons and heavy rains attacked various parts of Japan, and the affected local governments are still focusing on reconstruction. This gadget can be useful in such emergencies and disasters.

PowerArQ is a small-sized portable power supply smaller than the cooler box, but it is very powerful. With a lithium-Ion battery capacity of 174,000mAh / 626Wh, you can even use electric under- blankets overnight. This battery has a large capacity, but it takes 8-10 hours to charge. It supports USB, cigar sockets and common outlets, so you can connect it to various gadgets. If you connect this to a optional solar panel, you can store electricity for free. In addition, This support pass-through charging and can be powered while charging. For example, when you use this while camping outdoors, you can connect the solar panel to this and use some gadgets while charging. Of course, this will be of great help when a disaster causes a major power outage. The size is 300 x 242 x 193mm and weigh is 6kg. The voltage is 3.6V and can be charged more than 300 times. The price is expensive at 66,000 yen(including tax), but it is enough specs to prepare for emergencies and this has already sold 20,000 units.

In addition, this has six kinds of color variations and won the Good Design Award 2019 for pop design.


Does not turn off even if a power failure occurs

USB-LED01 is an LED sensor light for wall outlet that has a motion sensor. However, the feature is that it will not turn off even if a power failure occurs. You can easily set it by simply plugging it into an outlet, which will always charge by outlet and will not run out of batteries. In addition, automatically turns on and off by motion sensor, so you do not need to operate the switch. The light can be removed from the charging holder and you can use it as a flashlight in case of emergency such as disasters.

When a power failure occurs with this plugged in, the light will automatically turn on, so you can immediately see the surroundings even during a sudden power failure. When used as a flashlight or emergency light, the high-intensity light of up to 140 lumens will allow you to deal with power outages quickly. This lithium-ion battery has a capacity of 500mAh and power consumption of about 1.0W. The charging time is about 32-50 hours, and it can be used continuously for about 3 hours. The size is 65 x 16 x 148mm and weigh is 99g. The price is 4,620 yen (including tax) .