What is the today's gadget of Doraemon? Let's tell it in Facebook!

The new movie of Doraemon "Doraemon; Nobita's Museum of Secret Gadget" is showing now in Japan.

Doraemon is a Japanese SF manga/anime series created by Fujiko. F. Fujio.   Doraemon is the cat like robot which came over from 22nd century in 20~21 century. He is a baby-sitter robot and helps primary schoolchild Nobita with various gadgets. The anime is broadcasted on every Friday, and the movies are shown every year. "Doraemon; Nobita's Museum of Secret Gadget" is 33rd movie.

Apps for promotion of this movie was released late last week in Facebook. This is "Secret Gadget Today!!!".

This is simple diagnosis apps. We access this and can tell Doraemon's secret gadget appropriate for ourself at that time, and share this in Facebook.

We can tell in this 3 times in 1day.

An album can collect the gadgets which appeared.

When we gather all the gadgets, we can apply for the prize of the T-shirts.

Unfortunately this supports only Japanese. However, this is appropriate if you want to share something of cute in Facebook.

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