Battleships of the Japanese empire navy are personified as girls in a social game

Personification is the Japanese proud skill. The Japanese personified every thing from ancient times. Kadokawa Games and DMM release the simulation social game that personified battleships of the Japanese empire navy to girls "Kan Colle" in this spring.

Kan Colle is a simulation social game for PCs. Players become an admiral and form a combined fleet. However, all the battleships are girls.

Fubuki-class destroyer

Aircraft carrier Akagi

Battleship Ise

Destroyer Miyuki

Destroyer Ayanami

Destroyer Shimakaze

Cruiser Sendai

Players strengthen them by practice and supply. Furthermore, we can give the equipment to them(ex. The carrier can carry a carrier-based plane). It is like the changing clothes.

And it is a battle between players that  personified effect appears. When they are hit, it becomes in this way.

Even if we lose if we can watch such an artwork, we are not regrettable :) Battleship girls more than 100 appear in this game. Besides, they have a voice and talk.

Of course we can simulate the full-scale sea fight, too. All their specifications data are made from a real battleship.

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