Earthquake, radioactivity and Nameko mushroom

Today, March 11 is the day that big earthquake and tsunami attacked Tohoku, Japan. 2 years passed from that. However, unfortunately only some restoration advance. The big reason is radioactive contamination.

I do agriculture with a family now in Akita(There is a part of Tohoku). Last week, I heard an interesting story by a seminar of the farm products processing. After 2011 Aftermath of the Tōhoku earthquake and tsunami, the farm products, the fish, meat of Tohoku were not able to sell at all. Of course the reason is radioactivity. Actually, those most were harmless, but  the people were confused and had fear. Therefore, the economy of Tohoku was delayed. However, only the sales of the Nameko mushroom were restored by awful force in a short term.

What happened in Nameko mushroom? Well, Nameko Saibai Kit(Mushroom Garden a.k.a. Funghi Gardening Kit) was released in June, 2011.

It becomes popular in an instant, and it becomes the most popular mobile game now in Japan. And the people bought the real Nameko mushroom with Nameko goods(The Nameko mushroom is used as an ingredient of the miso soup).

Most of farming families of Tohoku are elderly people, so they do not know a lot about smartphone apps. They wondered it why only the sales of the Nameko mushroom were restored. However, they noticed it because popularity of Nameko spread among Japan and their grandchildren bought Nameko goods.

This is a small event in agriculture of Tohoku, but this has big significance. The game may occasionally save people.

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