"Information gathering listening E.I.A." - which studies English listening by wiretapping

Many Japanese are weak in English. In particular, we are weak in listening and speaking. However, the study is boring. Therefore this attractive iOS apps "Information gathering listening E.I.A." helps us.

This is study apps to train listening of the English conversation in a game form. We become a spy, listen in on various English conversation and make a report.

At first, we reply the questions of the boss and measure an English level.

Oh! I am a beginner!

And we receive a passport from a boss and listen in on the conversation of people in various towns.

This is the screenshot of the wiretapping scene. A nostalgic atmosphere is cool!

After having listened in, we make the report about the contents. In other words it is a test, and answer time is set a limit.

Yeah! I was a perfect score!

We can play 5 stages in free of charge. We can purchase the passports except them for 170 - 250yen(1.8 - 2.6USD).

This is gamification of the English conversation listening. We can study although being a fun because it is a game.

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