GREE carries out promotion with Internet cafe

GREE started new promotion "GREE for Netcafe" with Internet cafes in Japan.

Main services of the Japanese Internet cafe are PC rental, comics rental and online game offers. The online game offer grows up from 2006 through 2012, and the offer time is postponed in particular till 3,500,000 hours from 500,000 hours. GREE paid its attention to this. "GREE for Netcafe" is the service that points are provided depending on the time when we stay in Internet cafes. We can change the points for the virtual goods of GREE's
social games. The the first title is a "Kin-Niku-Man: muscle collection".

GREE chooses social games having Internet cafes and affinity and does promotion. Well, they are the social games of comics source.

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