Japan's CyberAgent group has more than 30 million of social game users

CyberAgent is a Japanese Internet ad agency. However, they has a lot of social game development subsidiaries and became the Japanese main social game company now. Today, they announced that users of their social game broke through 30 million.

"Rage of Bahamut" of Cygames contributes to this most.
This has 10 million users now in Mobage of all over the world. They occupy a one-third of the whole.

Grenge, joint subsidiary of CyberAgent and mixi provides "Sengoku SAGA" in mixi game and CyberAgent's platform Ameba. This is a card battle game that Japanese warring states period of the themes, and one of the popular social games of the mixi game.

Subsidiary CyberX provides sports social game "NBA 2K ALL STARS" in GREE.

Subsidiary Applibot provides gang smartphone game "Gang Road" for iOS and Android.

Subsidiary Sumzap provides monster upbringing social game "Monster Frontier" for iOS, Android and CyberAgent's platform Ameba. Furthermore, they released smartphone game "LEGEND OF THE CRYPTIDS" in the EU and US market, and it was ranked the 2nd place of the sales ranking of US App Store.

As well as these, CyberAgent has many social games and subsidiaries. They cover all of Japanese main platforms such as Mobage, GREE, mixi, iOS and Android. Furthermore, they run their own platform Ameba. By the way, the overseas ratio among their social game business sales is about 20%.

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