Domino's Pizza Japan cooperated with Hatsune Miku and released AR apps for iOS

Domino's Pizza Japan released pizza order application for iOS "Domino’s App feat. HATSUNE MIKU" which cooperated with Hatsune Miku.

Hatsune Miku is a singing synthesizer application "Vocaloid" which developed by Crypton Future Media. This is personified as a girl, and anyone can use her image. She embodies in User Generated Contents movement. In Japan, many creators composed songs, drew illustrations, made videos and made figures with her.

"Domino's App feat. HATSUNE MIKU" is one of these movements. This is apps to order of pizzas basically. We can see the menu of pizzas, order it and check the delivery situation.

However, this has the function that is more important than them. It is AR function.

When we watch a pizza with a camera of iPhone/iPad, HATSUNE MIKU appears on a pizza and shows a live performance. Surprisingly, most contents used in this apps are made by crew of Domino's Pizza Japan. They have many talented people! :)

Please check these videos.

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