DeNA combined poker with their popular social game "Kaito Royal "

DeNA released a spin-off title of their popular social game "Kaito Royal(怪盗ロワイヤル)" in Mobage. This is "Kaito Royal SECRET POKER".

Kaito Royal is the social RPG that users become a thief, steal various treasure of the world, and fights against gangs. It was popular after the early days when Mobage became the social game platform. It is still one of the representative titles of Mobage.

In Kaito Royal SECRET POKER, an element of the poker is added to it. Users fight against enemies with poker. It is tactical than we tap a screen according to instructions. It is popular now in Japan to put social RPG and something together. In particular, there are many examples to put a social RPG and poker together. However, unfortunately this is not collaboration with a gamble and the social game(Japanese gamble is very complicated, and Japan does not have a casino). Probably this will be trendy one of the social games.

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