Cookie Clicker makes a hit explosively in Japan and the Japanese writes Sensuality novel of the Granma in Twitter

Tokyo game show 2013 was held in Chiba, Japan in September19 - 22(Yes, the Tokyo game show is not "Tokyo"). However, the Japanese game industry was occupied just before that by a certain Web browser game. This is "Cookie Clicker".

Of course I play this, too!

I do not know why this was received by a Japanese. Probably there will not be the people understanding it. Anyway, Cookie Clicker became the topic suddenly in Japan from September 15. Many people talked in Twitter about Cookie Clicker, and it spread explosively. Cookie Clicker broke various common sense of the Japanese gamer. The Japanese plays only Japanese games - This is the game that a French developer made. The Japanese is weak in a foreign language - Texts of this are only English. The Japanese is Otaku loving cute girls - There is not the cute girl in this. Translation, localization, culturerise, etc... those arguments become ridiculous when we watch Cookie Clicker! :)

However, the Japanese shows a quality of  the Japanese from here.

At first the Japanese named "Cookie Babaa(クッキーババア)" for nickname to Granma. Babaa(ババア) means an elderly woman in Japanese slang. She has already become an idol at the Japanese social media several hours after Cookie Clicker became the topic in Japan.

Then, the Japanese drew her illustrations. A lot of illustrations of Granma are posted in Japanese illustration Social Networking Service pixiv.

Next, the Japanese has begun to draw a comic.

Furthermore, the Japanese has begun to write a sensuality novel of the Granma in Twitter. Tag #クッキーババア官能小説 which expressed it became the topic in Japanese Twitter world. I want to translate these into English, but I do not have enough English ability. I am really sorry for this! :D

And at last, Japanese major figure maker Kaiyodo made figure of the Granma for only few days. This is not sold, but it is displayed in a shop of Kaiyodo now.

Furthermore, Dōjinshi(self-published works) fair of Cookie Clicker is held on November 4.


Why did Cookie Clicker make a hit in Japan? This is my opinion, originally, The Japanese like making something and gathering steadily. The system of Cookie Clicke matched character of the Japanese.
I think that if a developer of Cookie Clicker exhibits in indies game area of Tokyo Game Show 2013, he became a popular person. It's regrettable timing.

There is regrettable thing more. The Japanese can't donate to abroad PayPal(The overseas remittances are really fuckin' difficult in Japan!). I wish popularity of Cookie Clicker in Japan is returned to a developer by some kind of methods.


Power to imagine: The Japanese discovered a new use of iOS7

There is a pro and con in Apple's iOS7. However, the Japanese discovered a new use about control center of iOS7.

Control center is like the frosted glass. The Japanese paid attention to this semitransparency. It becomes sexier when we combine sexy wall paper with this.

A certain freelance writer used own photo.

via http://togech.jp/2013/09/22/3567

When we search "iOS7の新しい使い方(New use of iOS7)" in Twitter, such a screen appears.

This is power to imagine of Japanese.


Source of the Japanese robot passion: 80 Doraemon occupy Tokyo Tower

This is not Tech event. However, I write it because it is not unrelated to the Japanese passion of robot. Now, exhibition of Japanese famous Manga artist Fujiko.F.Fujio is held in Tokyo Tower until October 6. He drew various SF Manga for children including Doraemon. He died at 62 years old in 1993. He reached 80 years old in this year if he lived. This exhibition was held in commemoration of it. He was well-read, and had a lot science, chemistry, technology, astronomy in particular. They were reflected by many works.

Furthermore, he had foresight. It was reflected by the many robots and gadgets which appeared in the works. Some gadgets which he thought about have already come out.

However, Doraemon is the most famous. Because Japanese many robot developers want to see him early, and continue studying every day. In Manga, Doraemon is made on September 3, 2112 years. Will Japanese robot scientists be in time until this date?

Why would an exhibition of Fujiko.F.Fujio be held in Tokyo Tower? Because he drew a lot of Tokyo Tower in works.

Unfortunately the most exhibits are put under ban of photography. However, all the exhibits are valuable and splendid! There is the cool projection mapping, too.

Finally we can buy various cute souvenirs. Even the sweets are pretty!

This is the event that you should watch if you have a chance when you stay in Tokyo by October 6. There were many foreign tourists today. Particularly Asian tourists were excited. Doraemon is popular in Southeast Asia.