LINE GAME broke through 200 million downloading

When LINE's game platform LINE GAME was released in July, 2012, who might predict this? Now, LINE GAME sweeps over a Japanese mobile game market. LINE announced that LINE GAME broke through 200 million downloading. They achieved this from service release in about one year and two months.

36 games are contributed now in LINE GAME(Of these 28 games perform global expansion). Particularly, LINE POP and LINE Bubble are very popular. They are simple puzzle games and to be frank, there is not the novelty. However, they appointed LINE characters in these. The LINE character is extreme popularity in Japan so that many physical goods are sold. Now, LINE POP breaks through 34 million downloading, and the LINE bubble breaks through 26 million downloading. Following these, LINE Pokopang and LINE wind runner breaks through 15 million downloading. Surely, LINE characters are popular, but the popularity of games except it seems to be increasing in LINE GAME.

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