Rage of Bahamut maker Cygames ripped off the Pazzle and Dragons

This week, Japanese mobile social game developer known as a developer of "Rage of BahamutCygames released game apps for iOS "Pazzle Battle of the Romance of Three Kingdoms" in Japan.

Unexpectedly this is the first time that they release the game of the native app in Japan. However, this is…

Well... it's COPY of Pazzle and Dragons! Players put five military commanders with five attributes together, make a party and handle a quest. It is identical that characters possess skills, too. All are identical to Pazzle and Dragons...

However, unfortunately this game is fun. Besides, a design and the animation are superior than Pazzle and Dragons. The direction is showy, all characters have a voice and speak lines. Voices are important factors by Japanese social games. The mobile games that popular voice actors were appointed as increase recently.

Pazzle and Dragons has been copied until now by many developers. Most were overseas developers, and the developed copy games were "inferior copies". However, a Japanese major company has copied it at last, and it is superior than Pazzle and Dragons in many points.

The history of the game is repetition of the copies. The many games evolved by adding a new element to it while copying a game released earlier. And the game that continued being copied becomes one of the genres of the game. If RPG did not exist, most of J-RPG was not born.

Pazzle and Dragons might become one of the genres of the game. However, still I cannot understand with Pazzle Battle of the Romance of Three Kingdoms emotionally.

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