Casual game for iOS that can become Japanese sword blacksmith---"Swordsmith"

This is a really simple casual game. However, a theme and the sound are cool!

Japanese smartphone game developer STUDIO SHIN released casual game for iOS "Swordsmith" that can become Japanese sword blacksmith.

Swordsmith is a tap game to build a Japanese sword. At first, a sword is red-hod iron plate. We clap this and make a sword.

We tap a screen according to an arrow displayed at-random. When we hit a number accurately, we can make good sword. Whenever we clap it, a light metallic sound sounds.

You may think that this is simple. However, reflexes are necessary for this.

When we clap the wrong point, we are scolded.

When we clap it many times, it gradually changes to a Japanese sword.

Let's check the sharpness of the finished sword!

We clapped it a lot exactly and become the good sword. We can share the score in LINE, Facebook and Twitter.

This is good to slight time killing! :)

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