mixi released native game apps after LINE

mixi was social networking service most popular in Japan once. However, it's down and out now. They lost in the social game in GREE and Mobage and lost in the communication in LINE. Therefore they bet revival on native game apps.

Today, mixi released first native game apps for smartphone "spinan".

spinan is the casual cards game that adopted the rule of "speed" and "solitaire". Time for one game is 90 seconds. Players can compete with a friends for score and present items each other. Interestingly, we can play a game with a friends in Facebook as well as a friends in mixi.

You might notice. Well... this looks just like game apps of LINE and Kakao Talk. To be frank, there is not the novelty at all. The number of the active users of current mixi is miserable. When there are not some active users on a platform, the social game does not become active. I think that more different measures are necessary for mixi's games.

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