Exciting News: Japanese major publishing company holds licensing examination of Cthulhu Mythos

A Japanese is eager in qualification and a licensing examination. Penmanship, calculation on the abacus, musical instrument performance, the martial arts, etc...the people challenge various examinations since the days of a primary schoolchild. And Japan will have very rare licensing examination. This is "Cthulhu Mythos".

Japanese major publishing company NIPPON SHUPPAN HANBAI INC. holds licensing examination of Cthulhu Mythos in Tokyo and Osaka in December 1.

The works of H.P. Lovecraft are very popular in Japan. Many artists were affected by him. Arts, games, musics, movies, novels, comics, figures... they produced the many works which assumed Cthulhu Mythos a motif. They form one end of the J-pop culture surely.

The level is two kinds of the second grade and the third grade. NIPPON SHUPPAN HANBAI examines the basic knowledge of Lovecraft works by a examination. The questions form is mark sheet of four person choosing one.They publish a official text on August 24.

Examination summary is here

By the way, I have one question. Will the level of this licensing examination be useful for anything? Usually, levels of qualification and licensing examination list these in resume(and they are useful for job hunting). What is the occupation that a level of Cthulhu Mythos is useful?

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