NEXON enters LINE GAME in Japan: Maple Story became the mobile game in LINE

Today, Korea's MMO major company NEXON released the mobile game of the Maple Story in LINE GAME. The name is "LINE MapleStory Village". However, this is not an RPG.

Well, LINE MapleStory Village is a simulation game to build the village. Players develop their villages and taking care of monsters. onsters are pets not an enemy here.

There are about 40 kinds of monsters, and a motion and character are different from  each.

This game does not have an element of battle with friend and somebody at all. Anyway, it is upbringing and a building. It is different from the original Maple Story, but is a genre keeping steady popularity in Japan. This was not the first time that Maple Story became the mobile social game in Japan, and there was it several times in the past. However, to our regret, they were forgotten without becoming the topic. This is a re-challenge of Maple Story.

In addition, this was released in the countries except Japan, but is not released for some reason in China, Korea, the US.

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