Japanese Netizen makes a smartphone hear the sound of fart and checks a sound recognition function

One day, in anonymity BBS of the biggest in Japan "2 Channel", a certain project started. Japanese Netizen carried out an interesting experiment with a smartphone.

"Make a smartphone hear the sound of a fart, and report search results"

Now, there are a functions to search by sound recognition to both iPhone and Japanese Android smartphone. What did they search from a fart?

1. "Dante  - The Divine Comedy"
2. He call to the class teacher in the days of the high school.
3. He call to the mother.
4. He call to telephone number 8566
5. "Who?"
6. iPod started.
7. "Gogh"
8. "* 3 * "
9. "Titanic"
10. "Yahoo!" (This appeared by a sound search of Google)

Various interesting results came out besides these.  There were many examples which the different function of the smartphone started suddenly.

Netizen in the last said,
"Probably, Jobs did not imagine that iPhone was carried out in such usage. "


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