Popular geolocation social game "MyTown" came over to Japan

Geolocation social game "MyTown" goes Japan. Yumemi performs localization and the administration in Japan.

We were able to play MyTown until now in Japan. However, unfortunately it was not so popular. because the Geolocation games are popular in Japan for several years and there are many rival titles.

Therefore Yumemi changed the design of MyTown boldly.

These are original MyTown

The colors are vivid. It is a cool design.

These are MyTown Japanese ver.

Kawaii design:)

Most of the systems are the same, but the designs are entirely different.

The designs of the icon are different, too.

"MyTown" "マイタウン"

Which do you like?

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天上愛理沙 さんのコメント...

I like the Japanese one more!

I am partial to the kawaii styles compared to the American comics styles. :3