Instant camera with wide-angle lens

Camera applications like Instagram are popular, but nostalgic real photos are also popular among young Japanese people. They take it into everyday communication. Toy company Takara Tomy will release a new instant toy camera Pixtoss on February 27.

This uses Fujifilm Instax mini film, but unlike the conventional Instax series, it has a wide-angle lens in advance. So it's not only for selfie, but also for shooting with multiple people. The mechanism is a bit retro, you have a viewfinder at the edge of the body, press the shutter lever next to the lens, and turn the handle to get the film out. You can also apply this mechanism to superimpose images multiple times on a single film and take multiple exposures. In addition, you can take photos with different colors by attaching three optional color filters to the lens.

If you are worried about overexposure, use the attached lens cap to prevent overexposure even in clear weather. The size is 145 x 100 x 67mm, the weighs about 275g, and is powered by two AAA alkaline batteries. They will release the white version on February 27 for 6,578 yen (tax included), and the pink and blue versions in March.


Speakers with remote control that won't lose

Do you frequently lose your TV remote and look for it? With this, that no longer happens. Sony released the SRS-LSR200, a wireless remote control-integrated wireless speaker that can play back TV sound at hand, on February 22 for 22,000 yen (including tax).

This is intended for use by people who are deaf such as the elderly and those who watch the TV while cooking in the kitchen. Because this with remote control, of course you can control the TV, such as adjusting the volume and changing channels.

They released the previous model SRS-LSR100 in September 2015, and this is the model change in four and a half years. The main update is that, apart from the left and right stereo speakers, a voice speaker that outputs only the human voice frequency band is located in the center. This allows you to hear clearer voices from the speakers. This is connected to the TV with an optical digital or analog audio cable. The TV and the transmitter / charger are connected with a cable, and the transmitter and the speaker use 2.4GHz band radio. The diversity antenna is used for the receiving antenna, which makes it harder to cut off than the previous model. The speaker has a built-in battery and can be used for up to about 13 hours. In addition, the speaker also has a USB-C charging terminal, so if you connect the power, you can use it without returning to the charging stand.