Japanese geolocation game company Colopl develops various game application

Colopl is representative Japanese geolocation game company for futurephone. However, they develop the various game application for smartphones. Besides, they are 3D. This is one of them "Rhythm coin!".

 A bear of 2D(in the geolocation game)  becomes 3D and dances. Cute!

"Rhythm coin!" is simple coin pusher game. It is full 3DCG and physical operation is also included.

This is different from the geolocation game that they usually run. It seems that they are putting not only a geolocation game but all games into the view.

Japanese hoodlums social network service

Can hoodlums master social network service?  In Japanese hoodlums, it is possible. Japanese startup tasuke released social network service for hoodlums "Yanlove".


The main function of this is profile, diary, message and footprint(access history ). There is no difference between the function of this and other social network services. However, the design is unique. All of the site is the showy design which Japanese hoodlums likes. If users turn into a charged fee user, they can decorate to profile page.
And the most individual point is that the entry item of the profile has "a guidance career" and "an arrest career".

I think that this is effective in logging in to a police officer in secret :)


AmebaPigg provides the virtual goods of new Doraemon movie to users

The 30th Doraemon movie is shown next month.

Doraemon - Nobita and miracle island

AmebaPigg performs collaboration with Doraemon from just one year ago. They added virtual goods of new Doraemon movie.


I got Doraemon figure! KAWAII!


Community "U2plus" which supports a melancholiac

Japan has melancholiacs more than 1 million people. The number of them is increasing, but prejudice and discrimination against depression are left in Japan firmly. However, this Web community may change the Japanese present conditions.


U2plus was launched by Japanese Yasuhiro Toudou. According to his blog, once, he suffered from depression and thought about suicide. However, he made U2plus from this experience. He met the engineer and designer who have experience of depression like him in Twitter and a blog and started this project.

This is a slide of U2plus announced in 2012 Social Media Week Tokyo.

Archive of Ustream is here 
Video streaming by Ustream

U2plus has the program which used cognitive-behavioral therapy as the base, and a function which the users of depression support mutually.  Users share the positive occurrence in a daily life mutually. And the feedback is carried out only through a buttons. Because it is not a free text, the negative chain does not occur. In addition, U2plus does not have the friend function either. Because friend application and the block produce the stress with pleasure. Therefore the timeline of U2plus resembles Tumblr than Twitter.

U2plus opens in January and has the registration of 1,000 users and 30 counselors now. Surprisingly they opened the English version of U2plus. This is rare in the Japanese community where weak in other languages.



This is Japan: Sex sleeve with the USB cable is extreme popularity in Japan

Now, Japan is the No.1 in the world by the invention about virtual sex. The gadget which could have sex with a virtual girl was commercialized at last. Besides, it is high-performance and low-cost.

"USB ona - hole" 7709 yen in Amazon Japan (about 96USD). This links game for PC "3D custom girl". Users can put various parts together, and customise one's favorite beautiful girl. If there is "USB ona - hole", users can virtual sex with this beautiful girl. It can detect size and speed and can let it link the motion of the virtual girl. The CG of the virtual girl plays a motion and a voice with it. This is not "USB ona - hole", but similar.

Now, it is too popular and out of stock.  The hacker who was able to get it also fortunately did interesting invention using it. It is "masturbation measurement software".

via http://blog.livedoor.jp/himasoku123/archives/51696310.html

Users can measure the time of masturbation, number of times of insertion and average number of hours. Furthermore, they contribute those data to Twitter and can share it with a friend. This became the topic among Japanese geeks very much. This should be called "USB ona - hole hack". If "USB ona - hole" and "3D custom girl" are exported to overseas, the movement that is more splendid than Kinect hack will arise.

In addition, the virtual deep kiss system is studied in Japan.

Let's compete for augmented reality big boobs

Ningen is very individual and funny Japanese startup. (Ningen means a human being in Japanese) They made many interesting products, web service, and artworks until now. There is "augmented rearity big boobs" in them. Augmented rearity big boobs is Kinect hack works. Anyone who play this can get big boobs.

They hold a contest "Kinect big boobs WORLD CUP 2012" more.

There are enjoy section and customize section in Kinect big boobs WORLD CUP 2012. videos enjoying augmented reality big boobs is examined in Enjoy section. And arrangement of the cord of augmented reality big boobs are examined in Customize sectionm.


Zynga's Japanese taste iOS game application

Zynga releases a lot of mobile game recently. They released new game application for iOS today.

This is "MONTOPIA". Frankly speaking, it is a game such as Pokemon.

Users can gather monsters, venturing various places. The kinds of monsters are more than 200.

Zynga Japan supervised the design of this. Now, it is given precedence only in Japan, but will be given global later.


A Japanese prominent old gamer says "I cancel all work if Resident Evil6 is released"

YuZo Kayama of the Japanese musician / actor is 75 years old, but he is a heavy gamer. He loves the Capcom's game "Resident Evil" series very much. He appeared in a program of local radio FM Okayama and said.

"I cancel all work if Resident Evil6 is released. Movies, Novels and games are entertainment. However, Games can make a story with myself. Dead or alive of a character are according to myself. Games has infinite possibilities. I can't play games in the interval of work. I have to secure time firmly and have to play a game from the front."

By the way, he is a friend with another Japanese old gamer Shiro Suzuki.

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They talked about Resident Evil series in the end of last month.



Let's play on a bald men's head

Japanese application developer Cyder released funny iOS application. It's “Hage-mu” ("Hage" means bald head in Japanese. Hage(bald) and game = Hage-mu).

hage-mu is game apps that gliding on the bald heads of guys from around the world. this is simple but difficult. we balance a snowboard on top of a bald men’s head and try not to slip off.

It’s supported on Game Center and you can share your score with other users.

In this sequel “Hage-mu 2”, we get the flag stuck on bald head.


Refuge administration game

Japanese politicians are really stupid. However, the citizen knows it enough. So, they control ourselves in emergency. 1 year passes from East Japan big earthquake disaster soon. The trial to simulate the administration of the refuge using a card game is carried out now in Tohoku.

Players learn a way of the administration of the refuge through playing a card game. The setting of a game is "an elementary school of the stricken area where all lifelines were severed". The player must take the refugee of various kind to the elementary school which became the refuge quickly. Furthermore, they must keep community after refuge.

How about commercializing this card game?


PiggLife collected 50 million yen or more donation in less than one month

I wrote about East Japan big earthquake disaster charity of PiggLife last month.
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It achieves great result now. The operator of PiggLife announced the middle of the donation amount of money today. Operator of PiggLife Cyber Agent announced the progress in the middle of the amount of donation. They collected donations of 54,027,140yen(696724.33 USD) during a January 11-31.

The donations were done by virtual goods. PiggLife users put a lot of virtual cedars on a garden. This project continues until the end of March.


Yokote city, Akita started the examination use of the Facebook page

I came back to the parents’ home(birth place) Yokote city, Akita Prefecture last month.

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This city is the country which is located in the northeast in Japan(Tohoku) and desolate very much. However, the local government and the citizen use the social media. The Yokote city government office started the examination use of the Facebook page today.


A period is till the end of March. It is too short and too careful. However, in Japan, that a local government uses Facebook is rare(IT literacy of a Japanese government is very low). Of course I stick up for them challenge. And I wish they learn more about Facebook.

By the way, There is the pioneer of this trial in Japan. That is Takeo city, Saga Prefecture. They shifted to the Facebook page in city's website. The mayor of Takeo city is the chairperson of Japanese Twitter society.

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Doraemon becomes social game in Mobage

Doraemon is the most popular Manga, Anime and character in Japan,In Japan. This is national contents of Japan surely. Probably, there are no Japanese who hates Doraemon. Now, Doraemon is a popular also in Asia and Europe.

ドラえもん (1) (てんとう虫コミックス)
ドラえもん (1) (てんとう虫コミックス)

Today, DeNA announced that they released a social game of Doraemon in Mobage "Doraemon Hokkorina" in this spring.

Mobage users grant the wishes of various characters with Doraemon.

Of course I'll play this social game. Because Doraemon is my favorite character! :)


Spotify lands at Japan at last

Such a text is displayed now on the top page of Spotify.

This is good news. Japan has been ignored for every social music service until now(Turntable interrupted access from Japan, too).
Of course I registered my e-mail address.


Twitter account of the Finnish embassy is popular in Japan

Twitter account of Japan's Finnish embassy(@FinEmbToky)  is very popular in Japan because they are friendly.

Besides, they are familiar with Japanese anime and manga.

When we search "Juutilainen(ユーティライネン)" by Google image search in Japan...

In this way, Girls were found than officer. This is character of anime called "STRIKE WITCHES". STRIKE WITCHES is anime which personified weapon of WW II to girls. Eino Ilmari Juutilainen is like that in STRIKE WITCHES.

 【ストライクウィッチーズ】 ハイクオリティフィギュア 〜エイラ・イルマタル・ユーティライネン〜 プライズ フリュー
The Japanese Twitter user asked it for a Finnish embassy. Then they answered.

"We already know all"

In addition, manga called "Hetalia" which personified a nation is in Japan. Finland in Hetalia is this.

Finnish embassy knows this, too.

Of course they do not do only Tweets of manga and anime. They teach us various Finnish information. And their Tweets are friendly, intelligible and replies also to the question of a follower frequently. Incidentally, it is secret which of Japanese and Finns is their Twitter staff.