This is Japan: Sex sleeve with the USB cable is extreme popularity in Japan

Now, Japan is the No.1 in the world by the invention about virtual sex. The gadget which could have sex with a virtual girl was commercialized at last. Besides, it is high-performance and low-cost.

"USB ona - hole" 7709 yen in Amazon Japan (about 96USD). This links game for PC "3D custom girl". Users can put various parts together, and customise one's favorite beautiful girl. If there is "USB ona - hole", users can virtual sex with this beautiful girl. It can detect size and speed and can let it link the motion of the virtual girl. The CG of the virtual girl plays a motion and a voice with it. This is not "USB ona - hole", but similar.

Now, it is too popular and out of stock.  The hacker who was able to get it also fortunately did interesting invention using it. It is "masturbation measurement software".

via http://blog.livedoor.jp/himasoku123/archives/51696310.html

Users can measure the time of masturbation, number of times of insertion and average number of hours. Furthermore, they contribute those data to Twitter and can share it with a friend. This became the topic among Japanese geeks very much. This should be called "USB ona - hole hack". If "USB ona - hole" and "3D custom girl" are exported to overseas, the movement that is more splendid than Kinect hack will arise.

In addition, the virtual deep kiss system is studied in Japan.

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