A Japanese prominent old gamer says "I cancel all work if Resident Evil6 is released"

YuZo Kayama of the Japanese musician / actor is 75 years old, but he is a heavy gamer. He loves the Capcom's game "Resident Evil" series very much. He appeared in a program of local radio FM Okayama and said.

"I cancel all work if Resident Evil6 is released. Movies, Novels and games are entertainment. However, Games can make a story with myself. Dead or alive of a character are according to myself. Games has infinite possibilities. I can't play games in the interval of work. I have to secure time firmly and have to play a game from the front."

By the way, he is a friend with another Japanese old gamer Shiro Suzuki.

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They talked about Resident Evil series in the end of last month.


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