Conic Market 77 report

Yesterday, I exhibited to "comic market 77" (winter COMIKET).

In fact, there was the work of the company, but I acquired leave with pay for this event. The Japanese company is overdoing of work to have to work until December 29!




Because atmosphere is clear, a blue sky is very beautiful.


COMIKET-limited "MOE" PET bottle. The contents were peach tea.



My booth.



It's the new Skull pendant which it produced through the night. It's anchor product!

Unfortunately the masks did not sell, but was able to sell the accessories very well. It did not become in the red and was happy!


Light to pour into the geeks.



I will try summer COMIKET hard in the ! (If I win a lottery)


SocialWeb2.0 Party

I went in "SocialWeb2.0 Party" held in Roppongi last night.

A lot of interesting sessions of Twitter and social application were performed.

I want to explain it, but my English skill is not enough. So, please check a photos.

20091210_swp 001

20091210_swp 003

20091210_swp 002

20091210_swp 004

20091210_swp 005

20091210_swp 006

20091210_swp 007

20091210_swp 008

20091210_swp 009

20091210_swp 010

20091210_swp 011

20091210_swp 012

20091210_swp 012

20091210_swp 014

20091210_swp 015

20091210_swp 016

20091210_swp 017

20091210_swp 018

20091210_swp 019

20091210_swp 020

20091210_swp 021

20091210_swp 022

20091210_swp 023

20091210_swp 024

20091210_swp 025

20091210_swp 026

20091210_swp 027

20091210_swp 028

20091210_swp 029

20091210_swp 030

20091210_swp 031

20091210_swp 032

20091210_swp 033


The white wall is useful to project VirtualWorld

What would you do though you want to look at the VirtualWorld with big screen when there is not it?

Project on the wall!

Today, the virtual seminar was held in our service "3Di OpenSim". The theme is "future television".
You can log in to OpenSim in a Web browser.

For the people who cannot log in, we did the live broadcast in Stickam.

It's still an experiment stage, but popular with participants.


Japanese AR New Year's card

Do you know a "Nengajyo"?

"Nengajyo" (年賀状) means New Year's card in Japanese. It is just a thing such as the Christmas card. But For the spread of Internet and consideration to the global environment, people doing with e-mail increase recently.

Therefore EPSON(Technology company and one of the world's largest manufacturers of computer printers) began such pleasant service.


In this site, you can make the AR New Year's card which used the face photo. The knowledge of AR is not necessary at all.

For details, please watch opening video. There is only Japanese, but may surely understand.

By the way, displayed in AR is "tiger". Why is a tiger? Because, next year's sexagenary cycle is "tiger".

sexagenary cycle(干支)


The Japanese "Hentai" application goes to App Store!

Japanese venture "Kayac" developed funny iPhone application "The Pantienon".

This application support your " delusion".

What will happen if the girl in front of you isn't wearing a panty?
Have you ever had that kind of delusionary thought?
The Pantienon, or Panty Amoralism, will support your delusionary thought!

How to use

1.Take a photo of a girl by iPhone.
Please take a photo after permission!

2.Tap "Use" and put your favorite panties.


Kayac is a company developing a lot of funny service.

There is this, too