GREE makes anime of their mobile game with Chinese companies

Japanese mobile game company GREE makes anime made from their mobile game "Seisen Cerberus(聖戦ケルベロス)" with Japanese TV channel TV Tokyo, Chinese video site iQIYI, and China's Medialink Entertainment. It is broadcasted in iQIYI from March and is broadcasted in TV Tokyo from April. Official site of this anime is here.

Seisen Cerberus is a long hit game of GREE, and reaches the fifth anniversary from release in this April. Players become the knight serving one of three kingdoms, make own military unit, fight against enemies in cooperation with fellow and contribute to kingdom's further prosperity. This anime expresses an original story led by main characters based on setting and the view of the world of the game. GREE and iQIYI release the game with release of this anime in China.

This is the second big challenge to the China market by GREE. They ever had a Chinese branch office, but withdrew in 2013.

mixi started pre-registration of cute mobile puzzle game of Marvel Heroes "Marvel TSUM TSUM"

Japan's mixi started pre-registration of cute mobile puzzle game of Marvel Heroes "Marvel TSUM TSUM".

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This is the puzzle game that combined popular mobile puzzle game Disney TSUM TSUM with Marvel Heroes. Marvel Heroes and Villains become cute mascots "TSUM", and players connect them of same kinds with a single stroke. Disney TSUM TSUM is a simple puzzle game, but co-play element and a battle element are added to Marvel TSUM TSUM. Players are given missions more than 200 at the time of the release.

The Angry Birds Movie is shown in theaters of Japan from October 1

3DCG animation movie The Angry Birds Movie of popular game Angry Birds is shown in theaters of Japan from October 1. Like other countries, Sony Pictures is in charge of it. The title for Japanese version is simpler and it becomes "Angry Birds(アングリーバード)".

They showed short teaser movie of Japanese version with this announcement. They develop Japan's original promotion from now on.

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Movie company Nikkatsu established game label SUSHI TYPHOON GAMES

Japanese movie company Nikkatsu(日活) announced it suddenly that they established game label SUSHI TYPHOON GAMES.

Nikkatsu is known for having ever made many masterpieces of Yakuza movies. Will they follow it? Their first game Irezumi no Kuni(刺青の国: Nation of the Tattoo) assumes Yakuza a motif.

This is a rivalry simulation game, players bring up own organization, enlarge control areas and aim at the local unification. According to the title, the tattoo is an important element. They release this in a global market as well as Japan by the end of 2016, and exhibit on business days of Taipei Game Show 2016.


Hologram robot "Gatebox" realizes the dream of Otaku

It is a dream of Otaku to live with favorite virtual characters. Japanese startup Vinclu developed hologram robot Gatebox which realize it.

Gatebox is the hologram communication robot which combined various sensors with a hologram projection technology. The virtual character is displayed by a hologram, it recognizes the actions of users by sensors, complies with their lifestyle, and communicates with them. In addition, this is also IoT gadget. When users let this link Internet and other household appliances, this becomes the many functions more. For example, this becomes the alarm clock, operates TV, and teach weather news.

Vinclu raised 90 million yen from Incubate Fund, Primal Capitalal and iSG Investment Works for recruiting activities. They push forward development of Gatebox with new staff and aim at the commodification of this.


Disney TSUM TSUM becomes the petit cakes

Before, I wrote about Disney TSUM TSUM become cute Makizushi(Roll Sushi).

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Next is petit cakes.

Sweets brand Ginza Cozy Corner sells petit cakes of mobile game of Disney and LINE "LINE: Disney TSUM TSUM". Mickey Mouse, Minnie Mouse, Pluto, Chip, Dale, Winnie-the-Pooh, Tigger, Olaf, and alien are designed in them. In addition, buttocks are emphasized daringly. Really cute! Minnie Mouse is made with white chocolate fresh cream and sweet-sour franc Boise jam. On the other hand, Olaf is a white roll of the yogurt flavor. In this way, each petit cakes is a different flavor. The sale period is January 18 to February 14 and the price is 2,268yen(about 19USD).


21 kinds characters of Yo-Kai Watch and Level-5 CEO prayed at Shinto shrine

On January 8, Level-5 CEO Akihiro Hino and 21 kinds of Yo-Kai Watch characters went and worshiped at Kanda-Myōjin(神田明神) which is one of the representative Shinto shrines of Tokyo. It is really cute!

They prayed for the big hit of their movie "映画 妖怪ウォッチ エンマ大王と5つの物語だニャン!(Yo-Kai Watch the Movie 2: King Enma and the 5 Stories, Nyan!)". It beat Star Wars in a box-office records, but they aim at the further hit.

How ‘Yo-Kai Watch’ beat ‘Star Wars’ at the box office in Japan(The Japan Times)

via http://natalie.mu/eiga/news/171840

You may see these oddly. However, this is a serious holy ritual. When we pray for something to gods, we have the Shinto priest of the Shinto shrine advance Norito(祝詞: ancient Japanese Liturgy) for gods in place of us. The Shinto priest must read names of all attendants of the ritual aloud on this occasion. The Shinto priest of Kanda-Myōjin would be desperate to stifle laughter. Because he had to read aloud names of 21 kinds of Yo-Kais.
Another photos are here.

via http://www.cinemacafe.net/article/2016/01/08/36887.html

via http://www.sanspo.com/geino/news/20160108/geo16010814500028-n1.html

via http://news.mynavi.jp/news/2016/01/09/236/

via http://www.oricon.co.jp/news/2065038/full/


The 72-years-old retirement old man makes LINE stickers and makes money than his active career

I wrote about the elderly person drawing cool pictures by Excel before.

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Now, the 72-year-old retirement old man who designed LINE stickers using Excel becomes the topic in Japan. The LINE ticker sets which he drew by Excel are 27 kinds and each of them is original.

Seiji Tazawa of the designer worked as a construction manager of the electric equipment construction. He at the age of 52 years old, he had to learn how to use PC because his workplace introduced PCs. However, his workplace had none of people who knew a lot about PCs, and he learned how to use of Windows 95 by self-education. He found that he could draw illustrations by Excel and it was convenient on this occasion. He opened own web site "Tazawa Enterprise" and showed the illustrations which ne drew by Excel. He has begun to make LINE stickers by the advice from his grandchild. He has not used smartphone and LINE till then, but he manages them and communicates with a grandchild in LINE now.

His individual LINE stickers became the topic among Japanese Twitter users. As a result, his LINE stickers made a big hit, and he got income 5 times as large as the his active career. His most confidence stickers are about the safety management of the construction area. These are designed based on his career.

This article has his photos
via http://nlab.itmedia.co.jp/nl/articles/1601/08/news073.html

Waste of a talent; Operate Puzzle & Dragons using ass

Puzzle & Dragons is a Gungho's popular mobile game. It passed 39 million downloading in Japan and passed 9 million downloading in North America. However, a certain Japanese developer developed the system which could play it with buttocks. It is so to speak "Buttocks & Dragons".

This is the motion system which can operate a puzzle panel by moving buttocks(Probably he uses Kinect). He projects his figure on the camera and play Puzzle & Dragons by letting it recognize the position of buttocks. He wore black tights to raise the recognition precision of buttocks. He developed it to show this as entertainment of the year-end party. He is surely a superior developer. The video is here.


Clip lens for mobile of the super wide-angle type

Do you want to take selfie photos which are a high quality by easily? Wide-angle lens OWL- MALENS02 is very simple. You only attach it to mobile by a clip, and can take selfie photos of the wide-angle than normal clip lens. Because it is available for the photography of the range that is wide at 0.4 magnification, it is convenient for photography of group photos. In addition, you can take bright photos because a lens reducing vignetting(darkening of the perimeter of a photos) is used for it. It is available to mobile that is less than thickness 2cm and with less than 3.5cm of length from the edge to the center of the camera lens. Its color variations are black and silver and released in the middle of January.


The charge cable which is stand close to mobile with a magnet

If there is an charge cable available in both of iPhone and Android, it is convenient. Furthermore, it is more convenient if it is changed in one-touch. This iina-inobe magnet cable is just such a charge cable. When we attach magnet-type small adapters to charging inlets of mobile, the cable just sticks to them by the power of the magnet and begins charge immediately. The cable is reversible structure without front and back, and have Lightning type and Micro-USB type. In addition, this is available for not only the charge but also data transfer. This is the project that started on December 28, 2015 in crowdfunding platform Makuake, and raised aim amount of money 300,000 yen in only two days. Afterwards, it raised 3 million yen in ten days. You can reserve this in 34%OFF of the general sales price until January 29.


This sanitizes a smartphones by UV

Because smartphones are gadgets to use every day, it is easy to become the hotbeds of various germs and necessary to be careful about hygiene. This Dr. capsule sanitizes various germs adhering to smartphones by power of the UV in only five minutes.
The how to use is easy. We cover smartphones with Dr.capsule, and a UV lamp irradiates smartphones and starts sanitization when we push the power button. A lamp turns off and informs sanitization completion when it passes five minutes. "UV-C" Irradiated from the UV lamp of Dr.capsule has a high sanitization effect in ultraviolet rays. As a result of examination using four kinds of germs liquid, this sanitized 99.9% of various germs. Furthermore, we can use it for the big smartphones such as Plus for iPhone 6s because its size is 85mm *165mm *10mm, but its weight is only about 163g.
Now, this is sold for 4,298 yen(in tax), and the color variations are red and black.


Enka singer Sachiko Kobayashi cooperated with Nico Nico Douga in music TV show of the last day of the year

Happy New Year! In Japan, new year began and passed for 2 hours. Japanese public broadcasting company NHK broadcasts a music TV show "Kōhaku Uta Gassen(紅白歌合戦)" every year on the last day of the year. Japanese Enka(演歌) singer Sachiko Kobayashi(小林幸子) appeared in it and cooperated with Dwango's popular video sharing site Nico Nico Douga(ニコニコ動画).

Sachiko Kobayashi is the great singer, but she is more famous by gorgeous dress.

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Because her dresses were too gorgeous and huge, she became a popular person among Japanese netizens. She is often compared to final boss monster(of games). Now, she also accesses netizens. She became a premium user of Nico Nico Douga, sang numbers of VOCALOID, uploaded those video in Nico Nico Douga, She sold indie CDs in Comic Market(Comiket) of the summer of 2014. This is exceptional as a great singer having 52 years career. She is 62 years old, but is active like totally young Youtuber.

At the yesterday's TV show, she sang VOCALOID number "Senbonzakura(千本桜: 1,000 cherry blossoms)" with the popularity in Nico Nico Douga. And she wore a dress of 5 tons weight and  5.5 meters.

Her back had radial feathers, and they transformed in it real time. Comments of posted by users were displayed on them by a live streaming program which was broadcasted in Nico Nico Douga in time same as a TV show. These comments are big characteristics of Nico Nico Douga. This is collaboration of Internet video sharing site and the TV show.